Reusable Silicone Eye Patches


Reusable silicone eye patches

The new beauty tool you can’t live without! Occluding a cosmetic product has been proven to increase its effectiveness. These safe and reusable silicone eye patches are designed to be applied over creams, serums or masks and generate an occlusion effect that allows the active ingredients to act deeper, enhancing their effectiveness. Practical and comfortable, their shape adheres perfectly to the eye contour and allows free movement during application. They are washable and infinitely reusable.

The reusable silicone eye patches are perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

How to use: Apply your cream, mask or one of the eye contour Teaology treatments:

Take the silicone eye patches out of their unique aluminium packaging and adhere them to the eye contour with the wide side facing outwards. Leave them on for 10 minutes to an hour: the longer the active ingredients remain in contact with the skin, the better the result. Watch the tutorial on how to use them

How to clean/store: Wash the eye patches with soap and water, dry them completely and store them in their aluminium packaging. They can be reused indefinitely.

Skin-safe silicone.