Terms of service

These General Conditions regulate the sales of CGS products under the brand name “Teaology” (hereinafter, “Products” or “Product”) finalised on-line through the website www.teaologyskincare.com (hereinafter, the “Website”).

The seller and owner of the Website is CGS S.r.l, with registered office in Via Zucchi 29 – 20900 Monza (MB) – Italy- Vat number and tax code 07233860969 -  MONZA AND BRIANZA REA (administrative economic index 1874748,


1.1 All Product purchases made through the Website by users entering it are regulated by these General Conditions and by the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree206/2005), Distance Selling section (arts. 50 – 67) and by Italian electronic commerce regulations (Legislative Decree70/2003).

1.2. The distance selling service regulated by these General Conditions is reserved solely for the consumer (hereinafter, “Customer”); the 'consumer' is considered an individual, aged over 18, who acts for purposes that are not his/her own commercial, entrepreneurial, artisan or professional activity.

1.3 When the Purchase Agreements are finalised, based on the procedure, the Customer accepts and undertakes to comply with these General Conditions.

1.4. The Customer must read these General Conditions carefully before making any purchases, to gain knowledge, memorise and reproduce them. 

1.5 CGS may modify the contents of the General Conditions at any time and with no prior notice.The General Conditions published on the Website shall apply to each single Purchase Agreement when the purchase order itself is sent by the Customer.


2.1. Information related to Products, together with Product codes and their prices, are available on the Website.

2.2.CGS does not guarantee the Customer that the Products available on the Website are also present in points of sale.The graphic presentation of the Products displayed on the Website could differ from reality. The Customer must therefore rely solely on the Product description and on its characteristics reported on the Website.

2.3. CGS reserves the right to limit, at any time, the quantities and/or types of Products that can be purchased on the Website.The style, models and colours of Products described on the Website can be modified without prior notice.During the purchasing procedure, if it should not be possible to execute the order because the Product ordered is not available, the Customer will be notified by e-mail.CGS may in no way be held responsible towards the Customer for the non availability of a Product.

2.4. The Customer may enter a maximum of ten pieces per single Product in the order proposal.

2.5. CGS is in no way responsible for any errors due to the non functioning of the Customer’s connection to the Website.



3.1. The price of the Products indicated on the Website is expressed in the currency of the Country and includes all taxes and duties applicable.The delivery charges, indicated separately in the order form, must be added to the price of Products.

3.2. CGS checks the exactness of prices indicated on the Website continuously. However, it is not possible to guarantee there are no errors.If there should be an error in the indication of a Product price, CGS will offer the Customer the possibility to purchase the Product at the correct price.



4.1. To purchase a Product, the Customer must add the Product selected to the “Basket” clicking on the specific button, fill in the order proposal, select the method of payment, accept the General Conditions and transmit the order proposal to CGS through the Website.

4.2. Transmission of the order proposal constitutes a proposal to purchase the Product selected, regulated by these General Conditions and is binding for the Customer (with no prejudice to the right to withdraw established in article 9 below).Transmission of the order proposal by the Customer implies the obligation for the latter to pay the price of the Product, or Products, ordered.

4.3. Before sending the order proposal the Customer may make any corrections/changes to data entered following the specific procedure indicated on the Website.

4.4. With no prejudice to the use of personal data described in the information on Privacy, the form with the order proposal and Customer data related to the order proposal may be stored by CGS for the period of time established by laws in force.

4.5. The agreement between CGS and the Customer ends when the Customer receives a confirmation from CGS that the order proposal forwarded through the Website procedure has been accepted.The acceptance (or refusal) by CGS of the order proposal will be sent to the Customer to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer in the order proposal (“Order Confirmation”).

4.6. CGS may refuse an order proposal (in that hypothesis no amount will be owed by the Customer to Teaology, except, possibly, for the sums indicated in article 6 below) in the following cases:
a. if Products should not be available
b. if the payment made by the Customer should not be successful
c. if there should be a notification, or suspicion, of fraudulent or illegal activities, including the suspicion that the purchases are being made for commercial purposes;
d. if the Customer should not fulfil its obligations resulting from a previous agreement finalised with CGS.

4.7. If one or more Products ordered should not be available the Customer will be notified by e-mail.In that event, the order proposal will be cancelled, or accepted solely for the Products available.With a partial acceptance, the Customer only has to pay the price for the Products available (if payment is made by credit card, the Customer will only be debited the amount for Products available).

4.8. In compliance with provisions in article 51, paragraph 7, of the Consumer Code, as defined below, the Order Confirmation will contain a summary of the essential characteristics of the Products purchased, detailed indication of the price and methods of payment, information on delivery charges, on the conditions and methods of the right to withdraw (including indication of no right to withdraw if Products are personalised), indication of the address to be used to present claims, and information on the after-sales services and on commercial guarantees.The e-mail communication sent by CGS as confirmation that the Products have been shipped.

4.9. The risk of loss or damage to Products is transferred to the Customer when the latter (or a third party appointed by the Customer that is not the shipper) takes material possession of the Product.



5.1. The Customer may pay for Products in the order proposal and delivery charges by credit card and PayPal .

5.2. CGS accepts payments made by the following credit cards:
American Express;

5.3. Transactions are only charged to the Customer’s credit card after:
a. credit card data has been checked;
b. authorisation to debit has been received from the issuer of the credit card used by the Customer.

5.4. If, for any reason, it should not have been possible to debit the credit card for the amounts owed by the Customer within 10 (ten) working days from the order date, the agreement will not be executed and the order will be considered as cancelled.


6.1. The Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the order proposal.At the time of delivery, the Customer (or a party delegated by the latter) must sign in acceptance.Deliveries are not made to post boxes.
Order deliveries will not be made to the following geographical locations:Vatican City, Livigno and Republic of San Marino.

6.2. CGS will issue a purchase receipt for each order. This will be sent to the Customer by e-mail or by post in compliance with laws in force.The purchase receipt is issued based on the information provided by the Customer at the time of order.No changes can be made to the purchase receipt after it has been issued.Invoices must be requested before the purchase is finalised.Invoices may no longer be requested after the order has been closed. 

When the parcel is collected by the courier, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking code, so to monitor the shipment. We remind you to check also in your "spam" mailbox if you do not receive it. Please contact us if you cannot find the email in the spam folder.

6.3. Delivery charges are the Customer’s liability and are indicated separately in the order form.

6.4. The products purchased will be delivered by a carrier selected by CGS (hereinafter “Carrier”) on working days (hence excluding Saturdays, Sundays and local or national holidays) between 9:00 and 18:00.Deliveries will be made within 24/48 hours from shipment of the order. (unless any force majeure or unforeseeable circumstance should occur) excluding disadvantaged areas.
If the recipient is absent at the time of delivery then the courier in charge will leave a notice of non-delivery. With such notice it would be possible to collect the parcel at the pre-established points indicated in the non-delivery note within 10 days following the delivery attempt.

6.5. The Customer (or its delegate) must control, when the Products are delivered by the Carrier:
a. that the number of boxes delivered corresponds to what is indicated on the delivery note;
b. that packaging and relative seals are intact, not damaged, not wet or altered in any way.
Any damage to the packaging and/or the Product or if the number of boxes or indications should not correspond, this must be reported immediately in writing on the delivery note of the Carrier.Once the Carrier document has been signed without the Customer objecting, the Customer may not dispute any external characteristics of the parcel delivered. 


7.1. CGS will send the Customer an e-mail Confirmation of Shipment after the Products have been shipped.


8.1. Products purchased on the Website are delivered using specific packaging.


9.1. Pursuant to article 52 of the Consumer Code, as indicated below, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement without specifying why within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the Customer (or its representative authorised to receive the Product) takes material possession of the Product itself.

9.2. To exercise the right to withdraw the Customer must perform the following procedure, by the term established in article 9.1 above:
Via Internet:

  • the user accesses with user name and password;
  • in the reserved area the user will find "my orders";
  • in the "my orders” area, the user can select the orders complying with the right to withdraw policy timing;
  • the user selects the products it wants to return related to that order, indicating quantities and reasons for returning them;
  • the return request is received by customer care which checks and approves it;
  • the customer receives the notification e-mail from customer care that the return has been accepted with indication on how to send the parcel.

9.3. Within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the withdrawal communication (transmitted in compliance with article 10.2 above) the Customer must return the Product purchased sending it to the following address: CGS S.r.l, Via Zucchi 40 - 20900 Monza(MI).The Product is returned at the Customer’s expense.The product must be returned intact without having been tampered with or manipulated.

9.4.CGS will refund the sums corresponding solely to the purchase of the products sold and not additional expenses, by and no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which CGS is informed that the Customer has decided to withdraw from the agreement pursuant to article 9.That refund will be paid by CGS in the way used by the Customer for the initial transaction. If the purchase was made using a discount code, the discount amount will not be refunded. 

9.5. CGS may suspend the refund until the Product has been received or until the Customer provides proof that the Product has been sent.

9.6. After the Product has been shipped, the order cannot be cancelled or modified.Products already shipped must, in any case, be returned in compliance with the procedure in this article 9.



10.1.  With no prejudice to the rights of the Customer set forth in articles 9 and 11 of these General Conditions, CGS does not acknowledge the Customer the right to replace Products purchased on the Website with other products.


11. non CONFORMITY of products

11.1. If Products purchased should have non conformity defects compared to the description published on the Website, and for a broken or defective Product, the Customer has the right to a refund for the non conforming product by contacting the addresses indicated below by e-mail or post:
CGS S.r.l

Via Zucchi 40, 20900

Monza (MI)


11.2. The sale to the Products is subject to legal guarantees established in the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree206/2005, Part IV, Arts.102-135).Pursuant to that law, the Customer has the right to the non conforming product to be replaced at no expense or for the agreement to be terminated.The Customer forfeits those rights if its does not report the conformity defect to CGS within 2 (two) months of discovering that non conformity.The direct action of enforcing a conformity defect not illegally hidden by CGS is, in any case, prescribed within 26 (twenty six) months from Product delivery.

11.3. If the Customer should request it, within the terms of this article 11, replacement of the Product due to a Produce conformity defect, delivery expense to return the Product to be replaced to CGS, and all expenses related to delivery of the replaced Product, will be at the expense of CGS.


12.1. The trademark “Teaology” class 3, as well as all figurative and non figurative trademarks on the Products, on the relative accessories and packaging, illustrations, names, images, photos, written texts and logos protected by copyright and, more generally, all intellectual property rights related to the Products and present on the Website are and remain the sole property of CGS S.r.l.Any, even partial, use of them is forbidden without the prior written authorisation of CGS S.r.l, with all relative rights exclusively reserved.



13.1 These General Conditions and any agreement stipulated with the Customer are regulated by Italian laws, with no prejudice to application of Community laws and international treaties, when applicable, and the national consumer protection laws.

13.2 The court of law of where the consumer is domiciled, if in Italy, will have jurisdiction for any dispute over the interpretation, execution, validity and effectiveness of these General Conditions and any agreement stipulated with Customers.


For further information and assistance on the Website and on purchasing on-line the Customer may contact CGS at the following addresses:

CGS S.r.l

Via Zucchi 40, 20900

Monza (MI)