clean beautea 

Teaology believes and promotes Clean Beauty skincare 

There is no official definition of this concept, we explain what Teaology Clean BeauTea means according to our ethics, values and philosophy. 

Clean BeauTEA is regulating by EU law

We are lucky because we produce in Italy according to European cosmetic legislation, the strictest in the world. To put our system into perspective: EU has banned or regulated the use of over 1300 ingredients in personal care products, while the US has banned less than twenty. In addition to the EU legislation we have a very strict blacklist that is constantly updated. 

Clean BeauTEA goes over 100% natural or organic

 We believe that 100% natural and organic is not necessarily the ideal solution for everyone and for every skin. Some natural ingredients are very allergenic and harsh for sensitive skin. Furthermore natural resources are limited, and science offers a safe alternative to avoid the unregulated exploitation of raw materials and to protect environment. 

Clean BeauTEA balances nature and science 

We work hard to create effective formulas combining the best of nature and science. We avoid all the controversial ingredients  but, if they are necessary to guarantee the quality and stability of the product, we ensure that the concentration is as the lowest possible.

Clean BeauTEA means dermatologically tested and more

We want to be sure that formulas are safe for every skin type and that’s why they are always tested under the control of a dermatologist. We also test against pollution and heavy metals.


Clean BeauTEA is love for animals and for the planet

Sustainability is to limit our impact on environment.We do not use ingredients or derivatives of animal origin and we do not test products on animals. We use recyclable packaging and certified paper.

We support local tea producers and PETA, the largest animal rights organization in the world.

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