We believe in clean, innovative and sustainable beauty

We like to call it Clean BeauTEA and it encapsulates the values, ethics and philosophy that inspire us every day. 


Clean and Transparent Formulas

We are lucky because We produce in Italy according to European legislation, The strictest in the world.
To give you an idea: the European Union has banned 1328 cosmetic substances while the US FDA only 30.
We avoid controversial ingredients, prefer natural ones from renewable sources, and on our site you will always find the INCIs of each product to help you choose with peace of mind and awareness. 


Safe and Sustainable Ingredients

Our Clean BeauTea is balance between nature and science.
We think that 100% natural is not necessarily the best solution for every skin type because some phytoextracts are very allergenic.
In addition, natural resources are limited and science offers a safe alternative To prevent the uncontrolled exploitation of raw materials.
For this reason we use in our products organic tea infusions, natural ingredients and make them safe, sustainable, and sensory-friendly with the help of science. 


The guarantee of a patent

In each of our products there is a patented technology:
the Tea Infusion Skincare whose effectiveness is proven by University studies and clinical trials.
This patent allows us to Replace water in formula with tea infusion rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and make each product 100% active.


Made in Italy

We design, test and manufacture in Italy following the European regulations (Reg. 1223/2009/EU).
With our suppliers, who have believed in us from day one, we share a commitment to using plants with reduced environmental impact and continually update formulas to offer the best of nature and the most advanced research.


Respect for the skin

All products are tested under the supervision of a dermatologist to ensure safety and tolerability on all skin types. We check that the pH of the formulas both biocompatiblesuitable for the Natural pH of the skin. We carry out heavy metal testing, on preservation and specific studies on the antioxidant efficacy of products.


Respect for the environment

We have always preferred recyclable packaging and made from plant raw materials, such as sugarcane processing waste.
We have eliminated the package inserts and use only certified papers, we encourage recycling by indicating on our website how to recycle each package.
The materials inside our Stores are also strictly plastic-free!
To safeguard biodiversity and local organic tea-producing communities, we support with the project TeaologyCare the Wikiliya Tea Farm in Sri Lanka.  


Respect for animals

We are suitable for Vegans because we do not use ingredients of animal origin and we enforce European legislation (2003/15 / EC) that prohibits any animal testing on finished products and raw materials.
We are associated with and support PETA, the world's largest animal rights organization.