Teaology believes and promotes Clean, Innovative, and Sustainable Skincare

We like to call it Clean BeauTEA, the concept that includes the values, philosophy, and ethics that inspire our work every day. 


Clean and Transparent Formulas

We are lucky to produce in Italy in compliance with the European Cosmetics Legislation, the most strict in the world.
The European Union has banned and regulated 1328 ingredients used in cosmetics while the American FDA has banned only 11.
In addition to the EU Legislation, we have our own constantly updated ultra-strict "blacklist". We avoid the use of controversial ingredients, we prefer those naturals, coming from renewable sources. We always publish the INCI list of our products to help you choose wisely and transparently. 



Clean BeauTEA is the perfect balance between science and nature.
We believe that "100% Natural or Organic" might not be the ideal solution for every skin type. Some natural ingredients are aggressive and allergenic to sensitive skin.
Furthermore, natural resources are limited and science offers a safe alternative to protect the environment and to avoid the non-regulated use of raw material.
For these specific reasons we use organic tea infusions, a high percentage of natural ingredients and we make our products both safe, sustainable, and efficient with the help of science. 



Each of our products is made with a unique patented technology:
The efficiency of Tea Infusion Skincare has been proved by university studies and clinique tests.
This patented technology enables the substitution of water with real tea infusion, rich in anti-oxidants, mineral salts, and vitamins. As a consequence, Tea Infusion Skincare® makes each of our products 100% active.



We design, test and produce our products in Italy, in compliance with the European legislation ((Reg. 1223/2009/EU)..
From the first day, together with our suppliers, we share the effort to use low environmental impact types of machinery and production processes. Furthermore, we constantly update our formulas to provide the best from nature and the most advanced scientific research.



Every product is tested under the strict control of a dermatologist, to guarantee the safety and tolerability on every skin type. We check that the pH of our formulas is biocompatible, thus appropriate to the natural pH of the skin. We make tests on heavy metals, on conservation, and specific studies on the antioxidant efficiency of our products.



We use recyclable packaging made with vegetal raw materials such as sugar cane processing waste.
There are no leaflets in our products and we choose only certified paper. We encourage recycling by indicating the appropriate recycling method for each product.
The materials used in stores are strictly plastic-free!
Our project “TeaologyCare” wants to safeguard biodiversity and support Wikiliya Tea Warm, a Ceylonese community of organic tea farmers.  



Teaology is Vegan-Friendly because we do not use animal ingredients and we are compliant with the European Legislation (2003/15/ CE) that bans every kind of animal testing both on the final product and raw materials.
We are proud to be a member of PETA,the largest association for animal rights safeguards in the world.