Every small gesture can make the difference

Sustainability is the core of our mission as a brand and we work constantly to find new methods to further reduce our impact.
we work constantly to find new methods to further reduce our impact.


We believe in the importance of recycling.
We put all our effort to use recyclable packaging and mono material in order to simplify recycling.

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100% recyclable and made with certified paper, taken from forests managed in an eco-friendly way, without acids and heavy metals.

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Plastic containers

100% recyclable and low CO2 emission. We prefer those made with vegetal raw materials such as sugar cane processing waste.

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Glass and other materials

100% Recyclable and, in the eventuality that a given material cannot be recycled, we communicate that on our site, in the section “HOW TO RECYCLE”.


There are no leaflets in our products and we choose only certified paper. saving more than 500kg of paper each year.

We have left useless and non-recyclable accessories off our products. The product’s packaging material is as low as possible: this allows us to use a low quantity of raw materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. As a consequence, we have reduced the energetic impact of the production process, of the shipping, and thus of the disposal of our materials. 


Natural resources are limited and must be preserved in order to avoid the unregulated use of raw materials which are fundamental for the planet and human beings.
The tea that we use comes from renewable sources and from Countries where farming methods respect the environment, biodiversity, and the labor force. We select the best varieties of certified organic tea.  


To us, sustainability means contribution to the development of bold and courageous activities and organizations.
With our project “TeaologyCare” we support Wikiliya Tea Farm and its community in Balangoda, Sri Lanka. We collaborate with charitable initiatives like Cooperativa Alice, an Italian association that provides support to women in prison,
helping them to build a better future through work.