Every small gesture can make a difference

As a brand, we have made sustainability a key part of our mission
and we are constantly working to further reduce our impact.


We believe in the importance of recycling and recycling collection:
We strive to use as much recyclable and single-material packaging as possible to simplify disposal.

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Boxes and Packaging

100% recyclable and made from certified papers from responsibly managed forests, free of acids and heavy metals.

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Plastic Containers

100% recyclable, and we prefer those made from plant-based raw materials such as sugarcane processing waste and with reduced CO2 emissions.

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Glass and other materials

100% recyclable and in case the type of material is not yet recyclable we highlight it in the HOW TO RECYCLE section on the website.

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We have eliminated the package inserts in the packages, thus saving more than 500 kg of paper per year.

We have eliminated unnecessary and non-recyclable accessories (plastic spatulas, brushes). Product packaging material is reduced to a minimum: this allows us to use less quantity of raw materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and glass and to decrease the energy footprint required to produce, transport and then dispose of them  


Natural resources are limited and must be preserved to prevent uncontrolled exploitation of precious raw materials for the planet and for the lives of its inhabitants.
The Tea we use to produce our infusions comes from renewable sources and from countries where cultivation and harvesting are respectful of the environment, biodiversity and workers. We choose teas of the best quality and proven organic certification.  


For us, sustainability means contributing to the development of courageous activities and organizations.
We are proud to support with the TeaologyCare project the Wikiliya Tea Farm in Sri Lanka and its tea-growing community in the Balangoda region. We also collaborate with solidarity initiatives such as that of the Alice Cooperative, which helps women in prison
to regain dignity and a better future through work.