Teaology is born from great passions

The one for tea, which I have been drinking for as long as I can remember, and the one for the cosmetics industry where I started working right after I graduated.

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"We believe that what is good for us is good for our skin"

In developing new products, I found that tea is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics for its antioxidant power, So I began to study this miraculous plant.
One day talking to a team of extraordinary cosmetologists we tried to replace water with tea infusion in a formula.
The difference is substantial because water in a cosmetic is used as a solvent and has no functionality while tea is rich in active ingredients: antioxidant catechins, minerals and vitamins.

This means making the formula 100% active.

We believe that what is good for us is good for our skin, and with Teaology we give the skin an extra dose of antioxidant nutrients.
I see the results every day on my skin: no more pimples, inflammation or redness, and the skin is so smooth and glowing that I can do without makeup.
If you like Teaology let us know what you think, I hope you will love it as much as we do and thank you for being part of our Tea Lovers community.


the Patent

Tea Infusion Skincare

This experiment paved the way for a complex research activity that resulted in a patent of which we are very proud!
With Teaology, we have managed to encapsulate the benefits of a cup of tea in each formula through unique technology and by putting sustainability at the center of our work: dalla scelta del packaging fino al sostegno delle comunità in Sri Lanka che raccolgono i nostri tè biologici.