Teaology is a young and independent brand born by two of my greatest passion.

The one for tea, which I have always been used to drink. The second for the cosmetic industry. I have been working in this industry since after University.

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"We believe that what is good for us is good for our skin"

When I was developing new products, I discovered that tea is a commonly used ingredient in cosmetics due to its antioxidant power. As a consequence, I started to study this miracle plant.
One day, during a meeting with a prodigious team of cosmetologists, we tried to substitute water with tea infusion in a formula.
The difference is significant because water is used as a solvent in cosmetic products thus, it has no efficiency. On the contrary, tea is rich in active principles: antioxidant catechins, minerals, and vitamins.

This feature makes the formula 100% active.

We believe that what is good for you, is good for your skin too. When using our products, an extra dose of antioxidants nutrients enhances your skin.
I can personally see the result on my skin every day: no more pimples or inflammations and the skin is so smooth and bright that I can easily avoid make-up.
If you like Teaology, let us know what you think about us. I hope you will love us as we do. Thank you for being a member of the Tea Lovers Community.

With Love, 

The Patent

Tea Infusion Skincare

This experiment has paved the way for complex research activities that proudly lead to our patent!
Each benefit from a cup of tea is present in our products thanks to our unique technology. The core value of Teaology is sustainability: we always make the most eco-friendly and sustainable choices. From our packaging to the support provided to the local community of tea farmers in Sri Lanka employed in Teaology.