A woman in every tea leaf

Teaology was born out of a love for tea, a miraculous plant that has been growing for more than 5,000 years with organoleptic characteristics
unique in the world that make it possible to obtain the finest types of tea.

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Love of Tea

Behind every tea leaf is the work of extraordinary women who, with their tiny, delicate hands, manage to collect and process even the smallest leaves while preserving their nutrients intact.

We support the Balangoda community in Sri Lanka

To safeguard the very old tradition of this craft, protect women's labor and protect biodiversity in crops Teaology has initiated a social responsibility project "TeaologyCARE" aimed at Support the Balangoda community in Sri Lanka and the women workers employed in the Wikiliya and New Hopewell Tea Factories.

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Funding to the Balangoda community contributes to:

TeaologyCare supports courageous solidarity initiatives such as that of the Alice Cooperative of Milan which helps incarcerated women regain dignity and a better future through work.