Soft Reusable Bamboo Pads


Reusable Bamboo Cotton Disks- 8 cm in diameter
To cleanse, remove makeup and for a thousand other uses
7 disks + cotton pouch

These cotton disks are the most environmentally friendly alternative to non-recyclable disposable cotton, and therefore good for the environment! Each of the 7 discs is made with bamboo fibers, they are soft and delicate when passed on the skin and perfect to remove makeup and apply tonics and lotions. These pads can be used, reused and washed regularly. Included in the package is a recyclable cotton pouch with drawstring to use for washing and to take with you on the go

Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

HOW TO USE: Ideal to remove makeup and apply tonics and lotions.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Place the cotton discs inside the bag with a drawstring. Machine wash with warm water

BEAUTY TIPS: The practical bag of recyclable organic cotton that contains them also allows you to take them with you during your travels

80% bamboo fiber + 20% polyester

100% cotton